Frequently Asked Questions about the Project & Volunteering

How do I sign up to help? 

  • Follow this link to sign up or give us a call at 541-263-1454 and we'll sign you up over the phone! The online program we are using,, will not share or sell your information. We have paid for a secure subscription to guarantee your information will be secure.

I am signed up - how do I add more shifts to my schedule or change the time of my shift?

  • Go to and follow the "Find My Shift" link at the top of the page. You can add shifts and change your shift times at this link.

I have not signed up, but I want to help. Can I just show up?

  • Yes! Come on down to the park and we'll put you to work. No child care is available however to those not pre-registered.

If it rains or snows, will we still build?

  • YES! Tents will be onsite for work stations to protect from the elements. The playground committee has been working at the park all of April and while the temperature does not appear pleasant, it is actually nice to work in. 

How many volunteers will be needed to build this playground?

  • We need over 500 volunteers to help us make this dream a reality. Volunteers are needed for construction, food service, and child care. We also need tools donated. There are a total of 3 shifts a day (4 hours each) April 25-April 29. Then April 30th, we'll have 2 shifts, then an opening ceremony.

How will this "Build" be organized?

  • Play By Design, the company the Joseph City Park Playground Renovation Committee has contracted with to design and manage the construction of the playground, will be onsite the entire 6 days of the build. Two Play By Design managers will oversee 10 construction crew supervisors, all volunteers from our community who have donated 13 hours/day April 25-30 to build the playground. These crew supervisors will then receive construction volunteers for each shift. Depending on the project their in charge of, some crew supervisors will have 10 volunteers, others will have 3.

Do I need to be skilled to help with Construction?

  • No, we will be asking volunteers if they're comfortable with power tools. If you say "yes", you will be considered a skilled volunteer. Those who say "no" will be given jobs not involving power tools. 

How else can I volunteer besides construction? 

  • We need help with food service and child care. Contact us if you're interested in helping with childcare. 

Who are the Construction Crew Leaders?

  • There are 9 dedicated people signed on right now to help guide volunteers through the build. These folks are (in no order): Paul Arentsen, Brian Oliver, Nick Lunde, John Dundas, Robin Pace, Jennifer Wing, Ed Graham, Mary Kay Pace, and Todd Kruger. 

Who is Play By Design?

  • Play By Design is a playground architecture firm that specializes in facilitating community built playgrounds. They have over 25 years of experience doing these kinds of projects around the world. A local example of their work is Pioneer Park Playground in Pendleton, OR. All of their designers are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) and our playground will be inspected at the end of the build week by them. They have designed our playground to comply with the most recent industry health and safety codes and American Disabilities Act (ADA) access requirements for our population size.

Can I still donate to the Project?

  • Yes, we will continue to fundraise throughout the project. Tax-deductible donations in the form of play element sponsorships and straight donations are always welcome. Donations can be sent to Building Healthy Families, 207 E Park St., Enterprise, OR 97828. Please make checks payable to 'Building Healthy Families' with a memo line to 'JCP Playground'.